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 "I work everywhere but I work best here." ~Tennesse Williams

This is my space; my place; my studio; my portal; and therefore where I create.

why --- a question to give up asking
The best I can figure is my largest stumbling block is asking why and trying to answer it before I even start.  So the cliche of why as why is done for me.  Now, do not ask why but rather just do!

txt spk --- d nu dialog
d cmUnik8shn gap of generations iz furthr challanged by an alteration of lanuage dat defies age... it iz creatD 2 minimize characters, maxiZ speed, & abbreviate evry emotion. I M intRStd n exploring txt spk az a tool of generational XpreSN.*
*The communication gap of generations is further challanged by an alteration of lanuage that defies age... it is created to minimize characters, maximize speed, and abbreviate every emotion. I am interested in exploring text speak as a tool of generational expression.
Try transl8it! to convert or create txt spk.

.art --- is coming
It all started with strings of numbers but wasn't catchy and by 1985 web servers didn't look like numbers anymore but rather translated to text such as  Domains were free until the explosion of registrations. 
Growth in domain registraion boomed so in 1992 the NSF was formed to organize and manage the DNS registry. Just three years later in 1995 the subsidy for domains was replaced with $100 charge for 2 years. In 1998 the US Department of Commerce privitized domain name management therefore opening to competition and charge for service packages.  
Also in 1998 the InternetCorporation for Assigned Names and Numbers was formed.  ICANN is a " non-profit, private sector corporation formed by a broad coalition of the Internet's business, technical, and academic interests worldwide is recognized as the "global consensus entity to coordinate the technical management of the Internet's domain name system, the allocation of IP address space, the assignment of protocol parameters, and the management of the root server system."  See what is going on at ICANN today.


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